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I Fell for a Soulmate Imposter…and Decided to Stay: How to Make it Work

You are not crazy. You did not imagine being in the perfect relationship for a moment in time. It was real. At least it was for you. You met a person that checked all your boxes and let your guard down. No sooner than you began to settle in, a switch flipped, leaving you feeling confused and once again unsettled.

You think to yourself, “A soulmate isn’t supposed to make me feel this way. Perhaps it’s just a phase.”

But your selfless partner gradually morphs into the most selfish person you’ve ever known. The emotional climate between you swings from lukewarm to cold, then back again. Ever the optimist, you believe that if you could just get that initial connection back then the rollercoaster ride would all be worth it. Your partner initially touched your soul in such a unique and satisfying way. You’d kill to have that feeling again.


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