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Premarital Counseling

Considering the prospect of spending the rest of your life with another person can be so exciting…and so scary. It is wise to have answers to certain questions before you propose. If you’re already engaged it is time to ensure that your foundation is solid when you start your marriage.

Many partners are surprised to discover that they haven’t gathered enough valuable information to prepare them for marriage with their significant other. Even couples that share a great deal gain so many benefits from the specific assessment they complete in premarital counseling. Every couple has different strengths and areas for growth. Your premarital counseling sessions are fine-tuned to fit your relationship, giving consideration to your personal and family history, spiritual beliefs, and modern-day concerns (e.g. social media influence). Couples who are strong in their religious faith but aren’t quite comfortable receiving counseling from their pastor or church can expect spiritually-grounded direction with modern-day considerations. At the end of the premarital counseling journey couples feel a sense of completion and confidence that the investment they are making in their partner is in fact, the right one. 

Couples learn that planning their wedding can add a level of stress to their relationship that makes them question the strength of their bond. For many couples it is the first major task they have to work together on to complete. If you realize that you have drastically different planning styles, don’t fret.  This does not mean that you are not a good fit for each other! Having guidance during your wedding planning can help you preserve good memories instead of horrible ones, and also teach you how to resolve conflict during team-oriented tasks for the future. Even a session or two can provide a powerful dose of inspiration and accountability to help you shift your perspective and stay positive. From problems with family members to financial concerns, you will find a safe environment to learn how to protect your relationship from outside influences that can weaken your bond.

It can be a long road to marriage for some couples. If you’ve experienced lots of ups and downs in your relationship and know that you need help recovering from the past to create the type of marriage you want, you are in good hands here. Not only do couples learn how to work through historical problems and current ones, but they also finish with expectations grounded in the reality of the world they live in-not a fairy-tale. Many married couples opt to go through the premarital tract after realizing that they didn’t build a firm foundation before tying the knot. It’s never too late to learn the skills for a successful marriage together. Before you know it, you’ll be saying “I do!” with a sense of peace that is just as priceless as finding someone to share your life with.

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