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Weena Wise, LCMFT

JaMese McGowan


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The WISE Ones

The Wise Ones Podcast is an entertaining and educational show that shines a light on the messiness of human behavior and relationships while honoring the humanity in it all. Get ready to laugh and learn! Your host, Weena Wise, is a Licensed Couple and Family Therapist (LCFT), whose clinical advice is featured in Huffington Post, MindbodyGreen, Self, Prevention, and other mainstream media outlets. She is joined by JaMese McGowan, a corporate marketing and advertising executive with 20+ years of experience working with the biggest companies in the world. Their wisdom and wit combine seamlessly to make you feel right at home in their fabulous world.

Season 1

Weena and JaMese open the season by recapping the hot new show “Couple to Throuple”, which initially aired on Peacock on Thursday, February 8, 2024. The show follows four couples who travel to a remote island for a social experiment. They will choose different singles to invite into their relationship to explore the possibility of finding happiness as a throuple. A throuple is a relationship where three people are navigating the commitment together on a long-term basis, not to be confused with a threesome, which is a one-time encounter, or brief affair involving three people sexually. Whether you’re watching the show or not, you’ll enjoy the hosts exploring broader relationship issues, such as communication, trust, consent, jealousy, insecurity, and boundary setting. Tune in for the fun and leave with some facts and free laughs!

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