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Your “Good on Paper” Relationship Just isn’t Good Enough.

This revelation is not for the faint at heart. The day you realize that your “good on paper” relationship isn’t really good enough is the start of a war against good and evil in your brain. Perhaps you were attracted to your partner’s intellect but later discovered there was no ambition handy to put it to good use. Maybe you now become agitated because the financial stability that once comforted you hasn’t been paired with a vision to increase your earnings or invest for the future. It’s possible that your more recent sexual encounters were so void of connection that you felt lonelier after you finished than before you began. Or maybe getting trapped in the roommate rut with someone you once shared a deeply intense and passionate romance with triggered your awakening. Despite the hundreds of “likes” your couple pictures receive on social media and the envious stares of your closest friends and family members, your “good on paper” relationship just isn’t…good...

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