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The Wise Ones: S1 Ep9 Help! Is it Growing Pains or Does My Kid Need Therapy?

In this episode, Weena Wise and Ongisa Ichile-Mckenzie discuss the topic of parenting and how to determine if therapy is right for your child. They explore the difference between sadness and depression, the stigma around therapy, and the need for a supportive village to raise children. They also emphasize the importance of open communication, validating children's feelings, and empowering them to take what they learn in therapy and apply it to their real lives. The episode concludes with a discussion on involving children in politics and community engagement. Tune in for helpful tips and tools and follow/like the podcast!

Ongisa Ichile-McKenzie, LGMFT is a specialist who works extensively with teens, individuals and couples at Covenant Therapy Group.

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