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Relationship Help Behind Closed Doors

"Sometimes I wonder if it's supposed to be this hard."

I’m Weena Cullins, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT), and every client I’ve ever counseled has uttered these words at some point along the journey . Based on almost a decade of experience I know this to be true-everyone has relationship problems regardless of how much you love someone and believe you are a good fit for each other. Many people want to know “how much is too much?” At what point do you declare that

the challenges outweigh the benefits and attempt to move forward in separate directions? Do other couples struggle with the same problems we are struggling with? Why do most couples on social media, in church, or in other public settings look so happy when I feel stuck in my relationship? How do I find happiness with or without a partner? If you have ever asked these questions then this site is for you.

As a couples counselor in the D.C. Metropolitan area, I specialize in helping individuals and couples find real answers to real relationship problems. I have observed that there are so few resources for people who need to hear candid discussions about real couple relationships and it’s preventing us from finding happiness together. Because many people learn from an early age not to “air their dirty laundry in public”, we aren’t really talking openly about the challenges that are leading to the deterioration of relationships that could ultimately work.

If we aren’t sharing our problems then we definitely aren’t getting the help we need. Many people don’t even know how counseling can help. I’m here to change that by sharing some of the most common and real life problems couples have ever asked me to help them resolve over the years in counseling. I’m also going to share some clinical insight that will get you moving in the right direction. Have you ever had relationship problems over money, intimacy and sex, poor communication, social media, co–parenting, or infidelity? It’s time you know that you are not alone. If you are without relationship role-models or people you can trust to give you sound relationship advice, don’t fret any longer. Some real talk is coming your way; read, respond, and relate to get the relationship help you need!


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