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Therapy Services

Therapy is usually brief and designed with the end in mind. Clients can expect to learn effective skills for overcoming challenges and improving relationships.

Individual Therapy

A client meets with the therapist alone to work through issues and gain insight about how to eliminate problems in different aspects of his/her life.

Couples Therapy

Couples meet with the therapist to identify and resolve issues within their relationship. Both partners learn various skills to help improve communication, build intimacy and trust, and resolve present and future conflicts.

Family Therapy

Members of the family meet with the therapist to discuss issues related to their family structure or dynamic. Families learn how to communicate, resolve conflict, and interact with each other in healthier ways through various in-session and home-based interventions.

First, consider which form of treatment is right for you:

Treatment specializations for adolescents and adults include:

Grief Counseling

HIV/AIDS - related issues

Infidelity or Cheating

Job/Career Dissatisfaction

Marital Problems

Military Lifestyle Issues

Parenting Issues

Premarital Counseling


Anger Management


Christian Counseling

Commitment Issues

Communication Problems


Ethnic & Cultural Issues

Family Problems

GLBT Issues

Relationship Problems

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